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What is the warranty period of Riyang hdpe fusion machine?

All machines made by Riyang are under a 2years warranty since dispatched from Riyang factory. For more details, please consult with Riyang sales and view .

If the machine is down, how could we repair it or get the replacement part?

If you are qualified to do the repair, please refer to our maintenance manual for the trouble shooting, and usually claimed parts could be couriered out within 3-5 working days. And online technical support is always available from Riyang company. You could also send the machine to Riyang dealer if we have in your area.

If the fusion joint not pass the visual inspection, what should be done?

You should cut the joint out and make another butt fusion joint. When the welding chart provided by Riyang is not workable for a better joint, please consult the pipe manufacturer`s recommended parameters and procedures.

What else accessories needed to work with the fusion machine?

Always there are a variety of accessory items recommended to work along with the poly fusion machine. Some accessory items are need for better quality joints, and some considered mandatory by inspector.ISO Inserts/Single Inserts/Narrow InsertsRiyang butt fusion machine sent along with multi inserts, sometimes we call hamburger inserts. ISO inserts/Single inserts are needed by some local regulation, these inserts will improve the pipes alignment and productivity. Narrow inserts are always needed to hold the short spigot fittings for a butt fusion connection.Stub End HolderUsed to hold a stub end fitting for a butt fusion jointing.Data LoggerUsed to guide and record your welding process. It ensures correct welding parameters are being adhered to by prompting the operator through each fusion welding step, whilst displaying timers, actual pressure and temperatures. Pipe Roller SupportUsed to support the pipes to give a proper alignment in the pe welding machineElectrical Lifting CraneUsed to lift up the trimmer and heater of butt fusion machine starts from 450mm size.

How often should we replace the blade?

Replacing the blade not depends on a certain period. But you should replace it when two sides of the blade are blunt or chipped. The life of blade varies depending on the hours of operation, material being face, periodical maintenance, etc.

How could we measure the "drag pressure"?

You are always requested to measure the drag pressure with pipes stayed in the machine. Simply speaking, completely open the machine carriage, zero the pressure in the hydraulic system, close the pressure relief valve, then push the direction lever to maximum and gradually rotate the pressure regulated valve in a clockwise way until the machine carriage gets in motion. The current pressure shown on the gauge is the drag pressure. For more details, please refer to Riyang operation manual for butt fusion machine.

What is the "drag pressure"?

Drag pressure is the pressure to overcome the friction during machine carriage movement. It should be added to the total fusion pressure.

If the pipes are not properly aligned, what should we do?

Before butt welding, the pipe ends must be rounded and aligned. A pipe roller support will give more help in alignment and reduce the drag pressure. When the mismatch of the pipe walls is still out of local regulation, please adjust the clamping jaws by tightening down the high side until the pipe ends are even.

What is the power needed for Riyang pipe fusion equipment?

When using a generator, the power recommended by Riyang is 1.5times as that of the pipe fusion machine. The machine's power is displayed on the specification label on the top of hydraulic station.

After welding, could we lay down the jointed pipes on the ground for cooling process?

You are not allowed to lay down the jointed pipes on the ground after fusion welding. The jointed pipe should stay in the machine with/without pressure (according to different welding norms) until the cooling time ends.

How could we calculate the cooling time?

The proper cooling time varies depending on the pipe material, pipe diameter, and wall thickness. You could always find the cooling time from Riyang operation manual for polyethylene welding machines.

How could we calculate the soaking time?

The proper soaking time varies depending on the pipe material, pipe diameter, and wall thickness. You could always find the soaking time from Riyang operation manual for the polyethylene welding machine.

What should we do after facing the pipe ends?

You should always remember to remove all shavings from the fusion area and wipe the pipe ends with a clean and non-synthetic cloth.

How much material should be faced from the pipe end before melting?

You could continue facing the pipe ends before the continuous and even chip comes out from both pipe ends.